The Dog Walking Nanny, LLC

 Welcome to The Dog Walking Nanny! We are pleased that you are  considering us to  provide care for your pets. Our mission is to provide the  best quality pet care by  treating our clients’ pets as if they were our own.

 We have designed our services to enrich your pet’s life as well as your  own.  We  want to make caring for a pet easier and less stressful with our variety of  pet care  services. We want to enrich your pet’s life by giving  them top quality  care. We know  pets also want to have fun. Play is an  important element in a  pet’s life. We strive to  ensure your pet is always in  a safe environment.

Ultimately, we hope we can partner with you to help your pet thrive and have a high quality of life. As you partner with us, we will have an initial consultation that will last approximately an hour to ensure that we both have the information we need to move forward.

Please feel free to contact us if you have feedback, questions or concerns. We can be reached by email at or by calling (303) 246-2945.


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January 19, 2014
Avoid Dangerous and Expensive Pet Injuries this Winter
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